Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cinema, Fries, Latte ---- Paruthi Veeran

Set in a remote village named "Paruthiyur" near Madurai and giving a rustic smell to the movie through the original Tamil madurai slang and showing the festivals celebrated. Paruthiveeran, leading a careless life and making life guided by his uncle played excellently by saravanan , the story revolves around caste, love and family feud.

Karthik...yengituya vanthuchu...ivalavu thirmai ....i couldn't believe it is his first movie..looks remind you of no-hair cut sivakumar of old movies...this guy has done his job well which even surya didn't on his first movie. May be karthik has chosen the right subject. We can expect much from this guy and hope he is not under utilised like surya and vikram.

Priyamani, i like this girl in the movie "athu oru kana kaalam" from balu mahendra. she possess the talent to live like her character and the voice set in this movie fits a rural girl's voice. She deserves much more opportunities in future especially on movies in which heroine has a role to play more than just dancing for songs.

Music Yuvan shankar raja proves that his DNA carries the music of ilayaraja through the songs he made. Numbers "Ariyadha Vayasu" sung by ilayaraja and "Iyayyo" beat your heart good.

At times the film will make your heart heavy through violence and the merciless gang rape of the heroine(You'll cry a shit). Definitely not a movie to watch with family but except few scenes(please remove/shorten them), this can be acclaimed to be a best movie out of talented actors and of course hats off to the director who made it. Would appreciate if the same talent is used to show something better to the society.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Religious Politics of America

Ever wondered why US supports the country of great defence which is in the middle east with arms and ammunition as a business and of course financial aid. While Jews make up only 2 per cent of the U.S. population compared with the 13 per cent of African-Americans, they provide many of the activists in the Democratic party and much of the finance.Hence all Jewish festivals are celebrated here esp in Chicago and New york.

Cinema, Fries, Latte ---- WATER makes your heart wet

I watched this movie just to find out why it missed the Oscars for the best foreign film. This is just a documentary of the life of widows in the 1930s in India. Following Hindu tradition, the marriage of young girls to older men was common in many parts of India. When a man died, his widow would be forced to spend the rest of her life in a widow's ashram, an institution for widows to make amends for the sins from her previous life that supposedly caused her husband's death.. This is made with the international audience in mind by deepa mehta but showing the darkerside of India. Yes we had many issues during the period of 1930s including seeking independence. But those are times when child marriage, Sati have been abolished and widow remarriage has been contemplated but was not on our priority. we had many things to fight for. Don't watch this movie for anything except the brilliant acting by Seema Biswas and the little kid "Sarala" who played the child-widow.The film was called Water ---may be for the trilogy but for the water everywhere they show in Varanasi and also for that this film makes your heart wet.All implied messages and nothing showing up India in a good light, this doesn't deserve the Oscars may be.

Now 2007 , after 70 years from the era of the movie, where do we stand when it comes to widows in the society. They are living independent, no more white sarees, they wear a bindhi but what about widow remarriage. Still young widows doesn't have a second life..yes there are many around us and many in villages. They need to live independent by all means but not emotionally. Not much has changed in the era where India has developed economically.