Thursday, April 27, 2006

Discover India : Akshardham Temple in Delhi

This is not the one which was targettted by terrorists in 2002. That is in Gujarat.

Friday, April 21, 2006

O Podu !

Election fever is sweeping Tamil Nadu with two major electoral combines and smaller parties reeling out promises. Most parties have released their manifestos and the lists of candidates for the May 8 Assembly elections.
It is now time for the voters to weigh the merits and demerits of the candidates. Suggestions have been made to make voting compulsory.
But if the electors decide that none of the candidates is worth their vote, can they officially register their decision?
Yes, says the Election Commission.
Chief Electoral Officer Naresh Gupta said on Monday that some non-governmental organisations wanted the option of "negative voting" by providing an extra button in the electronic voting machines that says "none of the above" clause.
Though there was no scope for negative voting now, as the issue is before the Supreme Court, there were provisions for electors to register their decision not to vote.
According to Rule 49-O of the Conduct of Election Rules, 1961, if an elector whose roll number has been entered in the register of electoral rolls in Form 17A, decides not to vote, a remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry by the Presiding Officer and the signature and thumb impression of the elector shall be obtained against such remark, he said.
Officers to be sensitised
All Returning Officers, Assistant Returning Officers, Presiding Officers and Polling Officers would be sensitised to the provisions, he said.
Catalyst Trust, an NGO, had requested the Election Commission to publicise this provision. However, adequate security would have to be provided for such brave voters, an observer said.

'O' Podu "O Podu" is a social awareness movement.
"O PODU' means "cast the vote". Voting is both the right and duty of thepeople. Another objective of our movement is to make people aware of theirconstitutional right to cast their vote under section 49 'O'.
On an average, in every election, nearly 45 percent of the eligible votersdon't vote at all. Therefore even if a winning candidate bags 30 percent ofthe polled votes, it amounts to getting the support of only about 16 percentof the total electorate. If more and more non voters begin to exercise theirvote, the result of many elections would drastically change.
Why are many people not voting at all? One of the usual reasons cited isthat they are unable to accept any candidate and don't want to vote foranyone of the available candidates.
It is a unique feature of our Indian constitution that it has provided thelegal right to the voter to reject all the candidates. Section 49 'O' of theElection rules 1961, has empowered the voter with this right. This sectionhas conferred the right to the voter to inform the booth officer, after theindelible ink mark has been marked, that the voter does not want to vote forany of the candidates. The section requires the booth officer to record thevoter's choice of 49 'O'.
"O PODU" movement will campaign for the following demands:
1. Every voter should cast the vote. Failure to cast the vote only preventsenhancement of the standards of politics.
2. If the voter feels all the candidates are unworthy, the best ay tocommunicate this view to the political parties is not through abstinence.The best method is to record this view through 49 'O'.
3. Secrecy of ballot is a right conferred on the voter by the Constitution.But the election commission's procedure of not keeping 49 'O' voting assecretive, amounts to a violation of this right. Therefore the Electioncommission should rectify this anomaly by introducing a separate button for49 'O' in the electronic voting machines, for the forthcoming Tamilnaduelections.
4. It is the duty of the Election commission to educate the booth officersabout the availability of 49 'O while conducting classes to them on pollingprocedures. The present practice of booth officers expressing ignoranceabout 49 'O' and refusing a vote to record under 49 'O' should be totallyeliminated.'
"O PODU" movement will campaign among voters, particularly the youth,seeking support for the above demands, by use of posters, pamphlets,meetings, T shirt messages, e mails and SMS.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The making of an eco-city

Namakkal town, in Tamil Nadu, reinvents itself and gets the country's first ISO 14001 certification.
It took three years to put in place a system that has brought Namakkal international recognition.
I REMEMBER it as a dirty and noisy town where dogs roamed the government hospital and stories about them carrying away newborn babies circulated. Then the roar of lorries and stories about people with HIV/ AIDS in Namakkal grabbed national headlines.
This time around, I could not spot any stray animal. Residents, instead, talk about an effective administration, cleaner roads, quieter environs and an ISO 14001 certification — the first of its kind to any town in the country.
Namakkal, a southern district in Tamil Nadu with a population of 53,000, took three years to put in place a system that brought it international recognition. The certification is given to any organisation that uses technology and maintains internationally acceptable standards in services and develops an environmental management system in which water, air and sound quality are maintained.
Initial hiccups
S. Gandhiselvan, the municipal chairman, recalls: "We wanted to do something good. So former commissioner Umapathi and I visited every house in the Anjaneyar Koil (the most congested area) and took up three wards as an experiment. People laughed at us. But we continued. For four months we talked to people, issued notices and finally showed them results of garbage removal."
Gandhiselvan says that the movement included women and has remained "completely apolitical".
"Soon neighbouring wards wanted to be integrated. We privatised garbage collection and trained a group to form `Annamalai Associates'. We have six slums and we never thought they would cooperate. They also joined the group and the success is because of them. When we projected our work at meetings in other districts, people did not believe us. We asked them to visit us," says a proud Gandhiselvan.
Profitable too
Annamalai Associates segregates garbage, prepares vermicompost and recycles non-biodegradable waste, such as tyres and tubes littered around this town known for its lorry "body-building" units. All this fetches the municipality Rs. 4.5 lakh a year, says municipal commissioner P. Kanthaswamy.
"Using GIS (Global Information System) we do route optimisation to save time and fuel. It also ensures 100 per cent removal of garbage," he says.
The effects were there for me to see: Lower noise and pollution levels despite a heaving bus station, a touch screen computer at the municipality for residents of the 30 wards to check their property/ water tax arrears, birth certificates in 15 minutes and an upgraded government hospital with flowerbeds. Gardens and solar electrical fencing have been laid in the town's crematoria. Since its garbage segregation drive, local agriculture does not use chemical fertilizers.
Attitudinal changes
The drive has resulted in attitudinal changes. G.M. Saraswathi, a homemaker who has lived here for 50 years, says: "Initially I did not segregate garbage. One day I saw a woman who came to collect garbage with cuts on her palms. That's when I decided not to dispose sharp items like blades. Now of course the women wear gloves."
The municipality's efforts came into focus when the Supreme Court acknowledged its achievement. The Asian Productivity Organisation based in Tokyo, Japan, introduced the concept of green productivity to enhance efficiency and improve the town's environment and over-all social economic position. The National Productivity Council of India pitched in to develop Namakkal into an "eco-city", the first of its kind in Asia-Pacific region.
New goals
Namakkal is not likely to rest on its new-found status and recognition. Efforts are on to build a Chandigarh-like rock garden in this town, which is in a rocky belt with perennial water shortage. "I remember a summer when even the coconut trees began to wither," recalls N.B. Kala, a resident. But political parties are still finding it difficult to change their ways.
During a recent sports meet, the town's main road was filled with cutouts of a political leader. This despite the municipality levying charges for removing garbage from commercial establishments, hotels and marriage halls and not allowing hoardings unless they carry its mandate for a "beautiful" town.
But, Gandhiselvan and Kanthaswami have even bigger plans. They want computers for the four municipal schools, a swimming pool for the town and a couple of libraries. The ISO certification may be a beginning.

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Found the WMD. It is here.

A 10-megaton nuclear weapon (The current U.S. warhead strength) creates an explosion equivalent to the detonation of 10 million tons of TNT--from less than 200 pounds (90 kg) of nuclear fuel. Pressure waves emanating from the blast would exceed 30 pounds per square inch and generate winds in excess of 700 miles per hour (1,125 km/h). Such winds could knock down steel-and-concrete buildings with ease. Even 20 miles (32 miles) away, the blast would shatter windows and uproot trees.
The temperature around the blast would rise in an instant to more than 18 million degrees Fahrenheit (10 million degrees Celsius)--hotter than the sun. Everything in a 2-mile (3.2-km) radius would be vaporized. Further out, materials like glass and steel would melt. Further still, combustible materials would ignite and produce innumerable fires. Even at distances greater than 20 miles (32 km), humans would suffer serious burns from the flash.
And when the dust cleared and the fires were out, the bomb's most insidious effect would remain: radiation. Radiation is all around you. It bombards you every moment of your life, everywhere you go. Don't panic, though. Radiation is simply traveling energy, and most of it is harmless. But some forms, like ultraviolet light and X-rays, are harmful if you're exposed too long. Radiation like this, called ionizing radiation, contains enough energy to break down chemical bonds in substances that absorb it.
Radioactive elements like uranium and plutonium emit, among other things, gamma rays, packing 10,000 times more energy than visible light. Gamma rays can pass right through humans, penetrating tissues and ionizing atoms in your body. This leads to massive cellular damage, resulting in system-wide "radiation sickness" and, with enough exposure, death.
Although damage from the blast, heat, and even radiation burns may heal over time, the ionizing damage done to the DNA in human cells will remain. Sooner or later, the body's own replication of damaged DNA leads to the final danger of a nuclear blast: cancer, mutations, and a host of genetic abnormalities. These last casualties can take years, or even decades, to occur.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Will they be able to create a real YUVA ?

The political party Lok Paritran (changed from Paritrana due to certain policies of the Election Commission) was founded on 18 th November, 2005.
Two and a half years ago, an informal group of youngsters was formed with the intention of actually taking action against the degeneration of society and the increase in suffering at the collective level which are the order of the day in spite of the immense potential of the country. Intensive efforts in trying to implement changes in key areas like public health and education brought home two irrefutable facts – the intellectual bankruptcy and corruption that have seeped into every layer of the current system, and the inherent interconnectedness of all issues facing society and the impossibility of a partial solution. The group was faced with two choices – to abandon their goals, or go all the way.
Lok Paritran is the result of the group that remained after all the trials and tribulations to go all the way.
Most of the Party leadership holds degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology, and all of them have sacrificed lucrative opportunities both in India and abroad in order to participate in the Party. The President Tanmay Rajpurohit has returned to India leaving his PhD in Economics in the US in order to head this group.
Elaborating upon the reason which prompted these individuals to launch a political party of their own, the party President Tanmay Rajpurohit, who holds a B.Tech degree from IIT Mumbai and double masters degrees from the US, said, “This party has been founded for the purpose of bringing about a fundamental change in the system, which, riddled with corruption and inefficiencies, has become the sole reason of distress to the people”. Soliciting support for this novel initiative he further added, “Any help of any kind would go a long way to help us get a foothold in the Indian political arena, which is so slippery because of the accumulated filth that we intend to clean.”
Chief advisor, Santhanagopalan Vasudev, who is postgraduate in Economics from the US called upon the youth to rise and join the movement. “The stagnated political system is in dire need of fresh blood and dynamism”, he said. Speaking about economic and social policy, he said “Plenty of good ideas have come and gone, for lack of proper implementation. The call of the hour is for broad structural changes that will permit the benefits of policy changes to reach the intended beneficiaries with minimal leakage of resources.” On the decision to contest in the upcoming elections, he said, “Our first goal is to increase awareness in the people, and arouse them from their state of inaction by bringing to them the definite possibility of actual change. And what better way than taking a stand in the elections to let them know that we are determined to change the existing system?”
Lok Paritran will contest in the upcoming elections in Tamilnadu, Kerala and Pondicherry .
The Party's long term and short term action plans are :
Short Term Plans
To expand the membership base of “ Lok Paritran ” as a political party
To take people out of inaction due to complete loss of hope
Outline a concrete, detailed and pragmatic plan to make India a developed nation.
Making region specific plans depending on the local parameters.
Spreading the message of “ Lok Paritran ” at every level of society.
Preparing strategies for the elections.
Exploring the possibilities of establishing institutions for health, cultural, legal and social awareness as well as action.
To conduct “camps” and seminars for building a better understanding and cohesion in the people with the same goal.
Long Term Plans
To achieve the full potential of the country both at the individual and the collective level.
To exterminate corruption by whatever means necessary.
To overhaul the current education system that has lost its relevance in the changed social and economic conditions.
To reorient political organization making it more structured and dynamic.
To integrate technology in industry at both urban and rural levels.
To modernize India 's force structure and defense doctrine.
To adopt a practical foreign policy for India .
To establish India as a formidable economic and intellectual power in the world.

If you are interested in joining this party or any more news, visit :

And it seems in chennai they are contesting this elections from
1. T Nagar2. Mylapore3. Park Town4. Thousand Lights5. Saidapet 6. Anna Nagar

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The World is Flat---India Flattered

India Emerging As Engg hot Spot For Global Firms

Potential for outsourced services estimated around $10 b-12 b Among the global firms that have set up base here, UK's Rolls-Royce Group Plc has already established a wholly-owned subsidiary in the country to manage the growing volume of engineering work that it is sub-contracting to India. New Delhi , April 9 The growing shortage of core-sector engineers across the globe has international firms flocking to tap Indian civil and mechanical engineering skills. India, which had nearly four lakh engineers graduate in 2005 as against just 70,000 passing put in the US, is seeing jobs of transactional engineers coming in, especially in the core infrastructure sectors. While engineering work currently being executed by India-based vendors is estimated to be around $500 million, analysts estimate the market potential for outsourced engineering services is estimated to be around $10 billion-$12 billion. Overseas consultancy Besides the engineering outsourcing pioneers such as L&T, Thermax, Mahindra and Hero Global Design, firms such as NTPC Ltd and Power Grid Corporation India Ltd (PGCIL) are now betting big on overseas consultancy assignments. NTPC is offering training to power engineers of Aluminium Bahrain and technical personnel of Oman Refinery Company at its facilities here and has deputed shift engineers to power stations in Nigeria in lieu of sizeable consultancy charges. PGCIL is in the process of roping in retired engineers on a contractual basis to execute projects at home as it is putting several of its regular engineers on overseas consultancy assignments due to the huge demand for heavy engineering skills abroad. The India subsidiary of the US-based Quality Engineering and Software Technologies (QuEST), which employs around 700 engineers in Bangalore, is executing direct engineering work packages and sub-contracting projects from India for clients abroad, including several Fortune 500 firms. The company offers concept design to drafting and modelling, to analysis and product realisation solutions in sectors such as aerospace, automotive engineering, energy, industrial products and the petroleum domain. Among the global firms that have set up base here, UK's Rolls-Royce Group Plc has already established a wholly owned subsidiary in the country to manage the growing volume of engineering work that it is sub-contracting to India. Based in Bangalore, Rolls-Royce Operations India Pvt Ltd would tap domestic engineering analysis and design capability skills in developing aero-engineering solutions. Analysts predict that the country is also set to get a bigger piece of the auto offshoring business. According to an AT Kearney online survey of American Automotive Executives, India leads the outsourcing market when it comes to auto-outsourcing with 24 per cent of auto manufacturers giving it the thumbs-up for outsourcing, much higher than those favouring China, Mexico and the Philippines. Eicher Motors has also forayed into engineering services outsourcing with the acquisition of the US-based company Design Intent Engineering (DIE) and the company expects new business to contribute revenue to the tune of $100 million in the next four years.

Monday, April 10, 2006

US Immigration

Is America's melting pot set to boil? Congress is trying to pass the first major piece of immigration legislation in 20 years, but senators simply can't agree--even within political parties. The poem on the Statue of Liberty welcomes the "huddled masses yearning to breathe free," but a majority of Americans--52 percent--now call immigrants "a burden because they take jobs and housing."

Most--56 percent--came from Europe. But many came from the Americas and from Asia, too--about 28 and 14 percent. A few came from Africa and elsewhere. (The numbers don't include those who were forced to come as slaves from Africa, as Congress banned the importation of slaves in 1808.)
Almost half of the 70 million--49 percent--came from Germany, Mexico, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, and Canada. They came in waves, with Irish men and women giving way to Germans, giving way to Italians, giving way again to Germans, and giving way, most recently, to Mexicans.

Polls say that today's 300 million Americans aren't sure what to think of immigrants anymore. Fully 40 percent think there should be fewer immigrants. Only 17 percent would welcome more. But at least 41 percent admire their pluck.
Opinions are even more divided on illegal immigration. About 27 percent of Americans want illegal immigrants deported. About 32 percent would let them stay--temporarily, as guest workers. Another 32 percent say let them stay and have a chance to become citizens.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Penal System in US

One would simply love to live in the US, if only for one reason: The ruthlessness with which the law enforcement machinery goes after the high and mighty — whether politicians or business tycoons — who fall foul of the law. President Nixon's once-powerful aides, including the Attorney-General himself, were tried for their part in the Watergate scandal and put behind bars to serve harsh sentences. Corporate bigwigs caught for violations of the law are similarly meted out stiff sentences after trials lasting six months or less. The two recent cases to hit the headlines concern the former Representative of the US Congress, Mr Randy Cunningham, and Washington's "super-lobbyist," Mr Jack Abramoff. Unlike India's politicians against whom cases drag on for years, and eventually fizzle out, Mr Cunningham straightaway admitted his guilt, and the trial was over in just two months. He has been sent to prison for eight years and four months (the longest awarded to any Congressman) for collecting $2.4 million as bribes; besides, the court has also confiscated $3.65 million and the proceeds from the sale of his mansion. He is the third Congressman in the recent past to go to prison for a long period.

Mr Abramoff was very close to the President and his top advisers for years and enjoyed enormous political clout. He too pleaded guilty to running an extensive network of fraud and corruption and has been sentenced, after a trial of barely a couple of months, to nearly six years. In all such cases, regardless of how big or powerful he may have been, the person sentenced is promptly handcuffed behind his back and marched off to prison and asked to change to prison uniform. No ducking the sentences by various legal ruses is allowed. Trials are over within a few months and sentences are invariably heavy, sometimes going up to 30 years or more. Prisons too are as prisons should be.

Will it not be lovely to have a similar penal system in operation in India as well?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Experiments with Truth--Just Jolly

Searching Ms Right--You know what iam talking about
Bold text is mine.

About My Family :
A spell checker is definitely needed in every matrimony site.

One girl who is older to me ...
do you know iam younger to you?
hmm thats what i want to ask you. do you mind?
Yes I do mind.
Iam sorry to contact you though your age is avlbl in your profile.
desperate than me?
She is a computer science engr from a top university in chennai

Ours is a nuclear family.
Iam surprised how it doesn't come under UN Supervision.

Hello we are calling from california, we are bride's sister and BIL. We are looking only for 24 manai 8 house chettiar.
Sorry I have only 1 house and 2 manai kattai s in that house

Hi, Iam looking for compatibility match ie wavelength match than horoscope match
Iam chatting with you for the past 2 days...and i dont see it.
God, in jus 2 days after I acted like good n true, is this the answer?
Aaana kadaisiya onnu sonna...nee romba nallavan yu'll get a better girl...
Naanum manasukalaye ninaichikuten (yevalavu neram thaan nallavana nadikarathu nu )
Let the wave length match and resonance happen one day.

How do you want your life partner to be?
He should be a good friend to me.
So what will you do to your friends after marriage?

Do you like pets?
I said , No i dont !
Then iam sorry... (May be only one pet constraint at her home)

Shall i study in US after marriage?
Why did nt you study in US till now? What stopped you?
Ok. Will you allow me to work in US.
I can allow. but on H4 you cant work. you need a workpermit.
Oh is it?

Our girl is not that fair as you?
I was laughing. She was actually fair.

To a very pretty girl , I told
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My parents are intercaste. Is that ok for you.
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Why do i mind your parents?.

Sub-caste no bar.
Periya manasu may be they are searching for long.

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Please read it in my profile and then we can discuss
I read it but i want to hear from you.
Ithu yenna virumandi kathaiya?

One girl read my profile
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A reply from a mail id which is not the girl's or the one who is contacting me
Are they loaning email id from anyone else?.

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No way if they say explicitly

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will be coming back to India after a year.
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Dynamic personality -Possessing two and four wheeler License
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I can be idle all the time :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What is this woman trying to do ?

In brief, the Government's plan is to build 30 large, 135 medium and 3000 small dams to harness the waters of the Narmada and its tributaries. The proponents of the dam claim that this plan would provide large amounts of water and electricity which are desperately required for the purposes of development.

Opponents of the dam question the basic assumptions of the Narmada Valley Development Plan and believe that its planning is unjust and inequitous and the cost-benefit analysis is grossly inflated in favour of building the dams. It is well established that the plans rest on untrue and unfounded assumptions of hydrology and seismicity of the area and the construction is causing large scale abuse of human rights and displacement of many poor and underprivileged communities. They also believe that water and energy can be provided to the people of the Narmada Valley, Gujarat and other regions through alternative technologies and planning processes which can be socially just and economically and environmentally sustainable.

Patkar, who has been on a hunger strike for the last six days, claims raising the height will render thousands homeless.

The Narmada Bachao Andolan is one of the longest non-violent movements in the country.

But the government prefers to negotiate with militant groups such as the ULFA and Naxals instead.

The NCA claims that relief and rehabilitation has been done satisfactorily while the activists' term it's a big lie.

The onus is now on the Centre to find out just what is the truth.

As per the law, the governments were required to ensure that every single affected family was resettled at least 6 months before submergence, offering cultivable land for land and resettling them in resettlement sites provided with all civic amenities. However, in clear and inhuman violence of this it has not resettled atleast 35,000 families.

Rehabilitation has been reduced to a paper exercise in the process. This decision, made possible by the political nexus between Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh governments, will not only murder the lives and futures of affected people but will also submerge a culture, a heritage, a civilization that is centuries old.

The cruelty with which the natural resources including land, water, minerals, of adivasis and farmers are being snatched away by governments, using brutal force in most instances, in violation of Constitutionally guaranteed rights needs to be stopped immediately.

In the last 20 years, NBA has seen a great game unfolding in the Narmada Valley, which involves a mockery of figures. With this project of 50,000 crore rupees, the generations-old villages are being taken away from us by using water as a weapon.

This development that is based on capital investments from large Multi National Corporations, is leading to the massacre of our workers. Even the public sector is going in the same perverted direction. The principles of the capital market and political contractors are pushing this process forward. Sardar Sarovar Project best epitomizes this.

Governments hope that the resilient sathyagrahis of the Narmada valley, the adivasis and farmers, will be destroyed by their submergence.

This struggle is not just for the Narmada. It is for every valley,
every village, every community under threat. And is the voice against
the snatching away of sustenance and livelihood.

- NBA's pledge is that, while stopping the Sardar Sarovar project,
any form of forced displacement without consent and participation is
- It is pained and ashamed by the use of force and arms to displace
- It wants that the planning of development projects must be in the
public interest and within the democratic framework and through
scientific processes
- It believes that where a dispute has been raised by people, it
should be resolved through dialogue and consent, and not through
monetary inducements and threats of violence
- The development planning must start in the gram sabha at the
level, and the basti sabhas at the city level
- The Government of India should change the colonial Land Acquisition
Acts and changes in the National Resettlement Policy must be
- NBA has appealed to the peoples movements from every corner of this
Country, raising such questions to come here, join this struggle and
seek answers to the fundamental questions we all pose together.