Thursday, May 25, 2006

India burning with reservation crisis? Attn Mr.youth

I have been reading all news about the good n bad things of India.

I appreciate all people who take part in protests on government decisions and policies.

But only thing which pricks me is the perception we all youth of India have on these and we are the Tomorrow of India.

Friends, let me tell you one thing. Most of us lead a selfish life (including me) thinking of things concerning about our own life and we see what affects us. If we don't have any concerns, then we see our inner circle of friends who are getting affected and finally we think about India as a nation.

All of us have a point to argue.

But all our conscience should have only one point to argue.
Are we doing something for others or allow others to do so?

Castes formed in India based on the profession we did in those days. People who were doing meanly jobs were suppressed in the society and Hence reservations are made in India for people of lower sections of society to know that they are also part of India and they are welcome to pursue education and job even if they are poor . I didn't accept this during my college days since I was directly affected and I also felt govt should give money rather than reservation in admission seats. But when I entered my college which is a govt college and after I met rural and lower caste students in my college , I came to know that they are not even aware of a University called" Anna University", though they deserve a seat based on their marks. That's when i realized that people from lower castes and rural side should be given reservation so that they start exploring more opportunities in better institutes. Lower castes are not always economically poor but they are treated poor in the society. That hurts even more.Hope you would have read about a story of a running race in which one handicapped child fell and others grab his hand before reaching to the end. This is how sections of society in India.We have to sacrifice something for them to make them come to our level.

Dont think reservation divides the nation. If reservation hadn't been there, then we would not be having friends who are from lower castes. Though I dont want to mention them as lower, I want to emphasize that they are our friends now. Otherwise they would be doing some meanly job in child age rather than studying.

After getting a job and after I got an experience of 6 yrs I realize they still need reservations, since our basic primary education across schools in India is not standardised yet after 60 years of independence .Do you think if you had studied in a rural school , would you have got an attitude to target IITJEE or AIIMS?

In my experience from my class 2 to till now, I feel getting good marks academically doesn't level you to the kind of achievement we look in life.Many people who have studied well during childhood may not have studied well in class 12 and many who didn't score well in class 12 would have landed up in a good job after finishing their degree. So one who is really talented will find his own way to survive in the country. How many you accept after getting good education, you are ready to stay in the country?
And recently I heard the protests are going to the end of "fast until death" . This is just to show the solidarity of students without purpose. All protestors (IIT ians , Doctors, Medical students )..A question for you? Do you read everyday news about a dalit being raped by an upper class society and killed, the convicts escape free. Have you ever thought of going for fasting for seeking the justice for them? Or any of atrocities against lower caste people? Are you ready to marry a girl from a lower caste section of India? why do you blame dalit doctors will kill patients? You are killing patients now by being on strike joining the students and leaving numerous patients in hay. How many of you doctors prefer to work in a govt hospital . After finishing in IIT or IIM , are you ready to work for the country? Are you ready to work as a professor in IIT?. They are the one who are given reservation tries to work in all these and help the poor people of the nation. And you should know they are the majority of India.

Protest to increase the number of seats in these premier institutes.
Protest for justice of the atrocities against dalits.
Protest for the corruption and bribery in the government offices.

I don't know how hatred towards lower castes and non-Hindus came in these protests. We all have to be human and remain so whatever happens to us.

Lets speculate an amicable solution rather than simply protesting.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Da Vinci---Decoded

The movie version of the megahit novel The Da Vinci Code opens Friday in theaters across the world. Like the book, the movie is causing a stir because of suggestions it makes about Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and because of its unflattering depictions of members of the Catholic Church.

We haven't seen the movie, but we've always loved Leonardo da Vinci--the man himself. Why? Well, if Leonardo were a modern-day American, he probably wouldn't be in the movies. He'd be making movies. He might also be an engineer at NASA, and a leading researcher at the National Institutes of Health, and a special advisor to the president on matters of national security--all at once.

Polymathic Man

Born in the town of Vinci (hence "da Vinci") in 1452, Leonardo became the quintessential "Renaissance man." He's been called the first great Renaissance master, the first scientist, even the first modern. His genius reached across a divide that few before or since have succeeded in bridging--the divide between transcendent, visionary, expressive artist and practical, methodical, mathematical scientist.

In addition to creating some of the world's most famous art, Leonardo conducted extensive research into human anatomy, dissecting by his own count more than 30 corpses. He served as a military engineer, preparing plans to overhaul fortifications, divert the river Arno around Pisa, and outfit Venetian "SEAL" teams with primitive scuba gear. And he advised some of the most powerful men of his time--including Cesare Borgia, the notoriously ruthless commander of the papal army, for whom he sketched maps that helped lay the groundwork for modern cartography.

He also endowed posterity with thousands of manuscript pages, written in his famous "mirror-style"--that is, right to left, so that they can be easily read only in a mirror. Within these pages are inquiries into the flight of birds, the construction of military fortifications, hydraulics, optics, human anatomy, perspective (in both art and science), observations on the moon's craters, a design for a flying machine (which looks something like a helicopter), and more. And, of course, there are still those other works--the ones for which Leonardo is most famous.

The Last Supper

Completed between 1495 and 1498, Leonardo's Last Supper may be the world's second-most famous painting. The work reproduces the moment at which Christ, during a Passover meal, announces to his apostles that one of them will betray him. Except for Judas (and Christ, who calmly accepts his fate), each of the apostles displays the confusion and apprehension of the moment--disbelief, anger, frustration, sadness, fear, denial, and exasperation all at once.

Unfortunately, the Last Supper wasn't built to last. Leonardo had invented a new fresco technique for painting the masterpiece, but the technique didn't hold water. The painting began to deteriorate within a few years, and by the middle of the 16th century it was practically ruined. Leo fans have been trying to restore the work for centuries.

The Mona Lisa

Leonardo's Mona Lisa is almost certainly the world's most famous painting. Leonardo completed the faintly smiling lady between 1503 and 1506. Its influence was immediate, setting the standard by which portraits would be judged for centuries to come. In fact, the young Raphael sketched the Mona Lisa while it was still a work in progress and was using it as a model for his own portraits by the time Leonardo was done.

No one knows for sure, but the woman in the picture is generally believed to be "Mrs. Lisa" Gherardini, the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, a prominent Florentine of the time. And her smile? Your guess is as good as anyone's.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mr. President on "Corruption"


Conscience is the light of the Soul that burns within the chambers of our psychological heart. It is as real as life is. It raises the voice in protest whenever anything is thought of or done contrary to the righteousness. Conscience is a form of truth that has been transferred through our genetic stock in the form of the knowledge of our own acts and feelings as right or wrong.

A virtuous and courageous person can alone use the instrument of conscience. He or she can alone hear the inner voice of the soul clearly. In a wicked person this faculty is absent. The sensitive nature of his / her conscience has been destroyed by sin or corruption. Hence he or she is unable to discriminate right from wrong. Those who are leading organizations, business enterprises, institutions and governments should develop this virtue of the ability to use their own conscience. This wisdom of using the clean conscience will enable them to enjoy the freedom.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Cinema, Fries, Latte -- M:I:3

Last Sunday night , just because I don’t want to be left out -and miss the movie, went to AMC theaters with guys here. We almost skipped dinner, grabbed a big pack of pop-corn , soda ( I meant coke) peeped in the theater..but we felt it was too late for 9 15 pm show and hence went in to call Bala who gave attendance earlier than us. As soon as we entered , the theater hall in the deepest silence , the dialogue delivered on screen was "Thanks for coming" the guy who called tom cruise to 7/11 spoke that. We burst into laughter for the timing of the dialogue delivery as soon as we entered. I was looking for our Patel in that 7/11. Then we called Bala aloud and asked him to come out so that we can watch 10 pm show from beginning. Here yu can watch any timing of the movie provided you enter with one ticket. I don’t know how legal it is. Then we entered the 10 pm hall , sat comfortably the back seat center and started eating popcorn, saw all the trailers and the movie started. Such a fast paced movie had the best of Europe starting with berlin and Vatican and finally popped into Beijing , the wonderful city. Reminiscences of the Robert Langdon adventure in Vatican city came to my mind when tom broke the high secure Vatican city with their strategic plan and making an abduction so easily.
Again they called "cannister" and some thing called "rabbit's foot" reminded me about antimatter. but all my imagination is wiped by the fast paced action exhibited by tom. God when this guy will act old. He is too good no wonder Katie Holmes is possible when even MI-2 is six years old.
I read recently about the PLA of china and their dominance in conventional war that no country including US can beat them. The dominance is showed here by the exciting city of shanghai. I can't add this to my list as even road signs painted on the road for left only is written in Chinese. God I cant drive here in this city.
The movie is real good and worth watching. The villain displayed his act in style. IAM expecting a MI-4 sooner.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I got this in email

Can you make out what it is …. ..Black ones are shadows, white ones are the real camels… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The snap has been taken from top.........

One of the most beautiful snap i've seen..........

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Is India shining in the land of Gandhi by these flames?

A 32-year-old man was burnt alive by a crowd of 1500 in Vadodara early on Wednesday morning.
According to eyewitnesses, the victim was chased by a crowd and burnt alive when he was passing through Ajwa Road's Mahavir hall crossing.
The man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced 'dead on arrival'.
Sources report that crowds have been gathering across the city through the night. The fact that Vadodara is rife with rumours makes the work of the police very difficult in such tense times.
Vadodara is rife with rumours making the work of the police difficult. The city has been
tense since the demolition of a dargah and the death of two person in consequent violence.

Stop the non-sense, Life is really worth than anything else.