Friday, July 15, 2005

Quality of IT Life

With more competitive and Project offshoring boom,lets take a look
how it really help economies of third world

Does IT offshoring really helps third world countries:

Not really.For reasons Indian IT companies compete for cheap
project cost/hours and pay inturn less salary to its employees.Lot
of Indian IT companies expect there employees to work for very long
hours during week days and to take permission for absence on week
ends This results in poor Quality work and over all health and
social life is greatly affected.

This is one of the reasons many MNC have started there own offices
in India.For next 5-10 years if you look for a good Quality IT life,
try to work directly in MNC companies such as Oracle,
IBM,Microsoft,World Bank,Office tigers,Yahoo,American
Express,Citigroup,GE etc etc....

The western MNC companies Pay good salary,maintain better work
culture and best Process methodologies with no week end work hassles.

Indian IT Professionals always have there own market share in
US.With current offshoring the same Indian consultant will generate
less money in India when compared to his earnings in US

The real beneficiary of IT offshoring is the countries which
offshores it for less cost.Its purely economic cost calculation.
Its not love or any fond affection western countries are offshoring
Projects to India.If not today India ,they will look for new
destinations where cheaper resource are available in abundant.

The prevailing scenario will continue good for next 5-10 years.

There are new areas apart from IT where India is really benifitting

1. call centres
2. Bio Technology
3. back office (accounting,billing,auditing)
4. research
5. Hospital industry
6. Medical billing etc etc.................100's

which are indeed generating lots of money to Country.offcourse the
English language proficiency helps India on all this a lot.

Once offshoring started big scale in all areas ,real estate cost in
India has started soaring all time high.Rising economic hopes in
India have spiraled a chain reaction where by NRI who have till
date showed least Interest in India have started to rediscover and
and investing heavily.

They have started investing there billions of dollars back home on
Land,Industry etc.

we Indians always tend to Jump in to same bandwagon or follow
enmasse rather to be trend setters.Try to explore avenues like Trade
(export/import),Manufacturing,Ever Green(shelter/food/clothing)
industries,inventions etc

Indians have great potential/talent with there rich culture and
moderate approach from there upbringings.Also they lack to identify
there own potential,which needs to be identified and tapped by

For those who take risk there is always reward.

Cinema, Fries, Latte ---- Anniyan

One Saturday night I went to "Anniyan" film in
Innovative complex here in Bangalore. They have someway
gambled the show timings so that 11.15 was night show.
After waiting for long, the crowd started pushing people
even before the previous show ended.

Film starts with a Irish (sorry iyerish) essence
showing agraharam vikram ambhi. First half of the film
was damn shit that I wish i cud have come to the second
half directly. Felt bad for the people who pushed
through the gates to see the show. Only vive was the
Anniyan in the first half to give some good comedy to
make people sit.
Songs were all not that good that people went out for
fag whenever there is a song though the picturisation
was good. Music was not that good.
Since it was a night show some people utilized the
time properly by sleeping.Then came the interval as a
rescue for everyone. Like boys, I think shankar has
given the direction to someone in the first half.

Second half was good enough to give “The Value for
Money “solution for people like us. There is one
matrix fight which was good and vikram scored well in
the second half. The concept of following the rules
and killing the people who violates by shankar was "
Old monitor in a New bottle ". Anyway kasaka thaan
And the concept of multi-personality vikram is similar
to chandramukhi (remade from a 5yr old malayalam
movie) and hence was boring. People never think on
their own.
Second half went faster and hence made people to sit
and watch. Unnecessary graphics, expenses and one
macho romantic personality of vikram spoiled the show.
Sadha's role was saadha. Not that great.

Shankar in general can give up direction and can
produce movies giving chance to directors like one he
Did for the film "kadhal". Five star hotels cannot
produce good "Kothu parota" (which people like) kathai
thaan intha Anniyan.

Anniyan --> Onion ( Vengayam nu solla vanthen

After writing this blog post, I have seen this movie for 3 times. Contradictory. Thanks to my american life and Thanks to the tamil film industry which couldn't provide a film better than this till then