Friday, July 15, 2005

Quality of IT Life

With more competitive and Project offshoring boom,lets take a look
how it really help economies of third world

Does IT offshoring really helps third world countries:

Not really.For reasons Indian IT companies compete for cheap
project cost/hours and pay inturn less salary to its employees.Lot
of Indian IT companies expect there employees to work for very long
hours during week days and to take permission for absence on week
ends This results in poor Quality work and over all health and
social life is greatly affected.

This is one of the reasons many MNC have started there own offices
in India.For next 5-10 years if you look for a good Quality IT life,
try to work directly in MNC companies such as Oracle,
IBM,Microsoft,World Bank,Office tigers,Yahoo,American
Express,Citigroup,GE etc etc....

The western MNC companies Pay good salary,maintain better work
culture and best Process methodologies with no week end work hassles.

Indian IT Professionals always have there own market share in
US.With current offshoring the same Indian consultant will generate
less money in India when compared to his earnings in US

The real beneficiary of IT offshoring is the countries which
offshores it for less cost.Its purely economic cost calculation.
Its not love or any fond affection western countries are offshoring
Projects to India.If not today India ,they will look for new
destinations where cheaper resource are available in abundant.

The prevailing scenario will continue good for next 5-10 years.

There are new areas apart from IT where India is really benifitting

1. call centres
2. Bio Technology
3. back office (accounting,billing,auditing)
4. research
5. Hospital industry
6. Medical billing etc etc.................100's

which are indeed generating lots of money to Country.offcourse the
English language proficiency helps India on all this a lot.

Once offshoring started big scale in all areas ,real estate cost in
India has started soaring all time high.Rising economic hopes in
India have spiraled a chain reaction where by NRI who have till
date showed least Interest in India have started to rediscover and
and investing heavily.

They have started investing there billions of dollars back home on
Land,Industry etc.

we Indians always tend to Jump in to same bandwagon or follow
enmasse rather to be trend setters.Try to explore avenues like Trade
(export/import),Manufacturing,Ever Green(shelter/food/clothing)
industries,inventions etc

Indians have great potential/talent with there rich culture and
moderate approach from there upbringings.Also they lack to identify
there own potential,which needs to be identified and tapped by

For those who take risk there is always reward.

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Soma said...

A good One. But no one from India thinks the offshoring as a love affair (Why this much hue and cry about love affair? Does Indian Media / US Media or politicians make it? I do not follow those stuffs). If not, it's his/her foolishness. I think those who benefit from Outsourcing or Offshoring are well educated to know all these facts. Also, We cannot expect some one come and help us groom our economy. It is our duty to explore the possibilities. We can also talk about other industries but who can grasp a huge talent pool like the IT does in India. I think the Manufacturing or any other industry does require only a handful of engineers or management graduates and more laymen. So it's great opportunity for India to get more out of IT Industry. With NASSCOM's projections predicting a 30% of shortfall for manpower for IT in India by 2010, the government should focus for some important/immediate measures. Also the IT giants are moving in the right direction these days by doing product development, end-to-end solutions and BPO/KPO. The billing rates and the Quality of the projects are still has to improve but the future looks rosy.
-- Soma.