Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yen Ayal Desa Vazhkai-----Calling my Home land

Before even I came to US, I found out from my friends that Reliance is the best calling card provider with good quality at a reasonable price. But later I found out that its costly (they increased) and Hence I found a card from called "Call Pack" which offers 16 Hrs for a $108 card. I bought one card for a month since I used to call my home,brothers, friends etc etc. After coming here I felt the importance of them and hence would never forget to call them at least once in 2 weeks.Later I hear from my US friends that and offers even cheaper cards with Ok quality and hence started using them. callnation and quest were good. Here the presence of telugu is such that It can anytime replace spanish in US and seems it is just 4c/min to call hyderabad when it is 8c/min for other cities in India. See how many customers :)

If you want to call anyone in US, you can use satyam iway or use (online service).

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