Saturday, May 25, 2013

Neurobic Exercises - Train your Brain for Memory !

1. Shower with eyes closed, Use sense of touch.
2. Brush and Dress up with left hand
3. No TV during meal.Smell and Taste the food.
4. Different breakfast routines.
5. Read out loud to a partner or singing
6. Play chess
7. Listen Natural environment tracks @ work
8. Visit farmer's or Flea market
9. Cook meals eaten in childhood
10. If you miss cereal for breakfast , try it for dinner
11. Eat with left hand or chop sticks
12. New place every weekend. It could even be a new store nearby.
13. Bird watching
14. Fly fishing
15. Hiking trail or Walking side path better than treadmill
16. Feed birds or squirrels
17. Learn typing
18. Practice photography
19. Gardening
20. Use TV remote or Mouse with left hand
21. Use feet to pick socks or shoes
22. Warm bath in the night with candles and mild music.
23. Drive with the other hand.
24. Park at different levels everyday and try to remember it.
25. Walk or tour inside the building if you are staying for lunch.
26. Paint a picture

How to withdraw your application for B2-Extension?

If circumstances turn you to return your family member back home, Its always good to withdraw rather than ignoring so that when they come back next time, they won't have problem in getting the maximum B2 duration limit in their I-94. Here are the steps.

1. Write a letter to the office to request the withdrawal.

2. State the reason for withdrawal

3. Include the receipt number

4. State the alien registration number assigned to the case.