Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Battling between BSNL and ICICI - Which one do you choose?

Can electronic clearing system be a bane for someone?

Yes it did for me when i chose to use that for my BSNL telephone bills.

BSNL had been very prompt in submitting the bills for ECS , even after I had closed their account six months back. That promptness is the greatest customer service I ever had from BSNL.

so you might be wondering and asking me why don't you stop this from your bank account? Well thats the smartest thing I thought I can do rather than dealing with BSNL.You know how a government like BSNL office works. Write a letter , get it attested with your latest bill etc. etc.

But ICICI is no greater than BSNL. They also asked me to write a letter stating the ECS mandate number and I handed them over in a sigh of relief and left the country.

Problem solved?

Never with these cracks. BSNL had been generating different ECS mandates for every month and hence ICICI had been promptly paying for me for the unused service (closed account).

Well you are out of country? It is pretty close to landing on the mars when it comes to handling these guys remotely with the so called 24 X 7 customer service.They talk in an english which is the fastest I had ever heard. Then somehow I got hold of a Branch Service Manager named THANUJA SHREE of Purasawalkam branch.

Wow! That gets the job done..Cool.

No. Never estimate a manager like that.

She promised she can stop this mess. But slipped a few more months honoring the ECS.

Once I got her over phone and spoke with all the dignity and when I threatened to pull out my money from the savings account,she finally stopped it from paying to BSNL. When i tried to recover the money which was paid to BSNL from ICICI, the email replies got hung. Damn it.

When i try to reach BSNL to recover the same ...….   ---- தொடரும்