Monday, May 08, 2006

Cinema, Fries, Latte -- M:I:3

Last Sunday night , just because I don’t want to be left out -and miss the movie, went to AMC theaters with guys here. We almost skipped dinner, grabbed a big pack of pop-corn , soda ( I meant coke) peeped in the theater..but we felt it was too late for 9 15 pm show and hence went in to call Bala who gave attendance earlier than us. As soon as we entered , the theater hall in the deepest silence , the dialogue delivered on screen was "Thanks for coming" the guy who called tom cruise to 7/11 spoke that. We burst into laughter for the timing of the dialogue delivery as soon as we entered. I was looking for our Patel in that 7/11. Then we called Bala aloud and asked him to come out so that we can watch 10 pm show from beginning. Here yu can watch any timing of the movie provided you enter with one ticket. I don’t know how legal it is. Then we entered the 10 pm hall , sat comfortably the back seat center and started eating popcorn, saw all the trailers and the movie started. Such a fast paced movie had the best of Europe starting with berlin and Vatican and finally popped into Beijing , the wonderful city. Reminiscences of the Robert Langdon adventure in Vatican city came to my mind when tom broke the high secure Vatican city with their strategic plan and making an abduction so easily.
Again they called "cannister" and some thing called "rabbit's foot" reminded me about antimatter. but all my imagination is wiped by the fast paced action exhibited by tom. God when this guy will act old. He is too good no wonder Katie Holmes is possible when even MI-2 is six years old.
I read recently about the PLA of china and their dominance in conventional war that no country including US can beat them. The dominance is showed here by the exciting city of shanghai. I can't add this to my list as even road signs painted on the road for left only is written in Chinese. God I cant drive here in this city.
The movie is real good and worth watching. The villain displayed his act in style. IAM expecting a MI-4 sooner.

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