Monday, April 10, 2006

US Immigration

Is America's melting pot set to boil? Congress is trying to pass the first major piece of immigration legislation in 20 years, but senators simply can't agree--even within political parties. The poem on the Statue of Liberty welcomes the "huddled masses yearning to breathe free," but a majority of Americans--52 percent--now call immigrants "a burden because they take jobs and housing."

Most--56 percent--came from Europe. But many came from the Americas and from Asia, too--about 28 and 14 percent. A few came from Africa and elsewhere. (The numbers don't include those who were forced to come as slaves from Africa, as Congress banned the importation of slaves in 1808.)
Almost half of the 70 million--49 percent--came from Germany, Mexico, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, and Canada. They came in waves, with Irish men and women giving way to Germans, giving way to Italians, giving way again to Germans, and giving way, most recently, to Mexicans.

Polls say that today's 300 million Americans aren't sure what to think of immigrants anymore. Fully 40 percent think there should be fewer immigrants. Only 17 percent would welcome more. But at least 41 percent admire their pluck.
Opinions are even more divided on illegal immigration. About 27 percent of Americans want illegal immigrants deported. About 32 percent would let them stay--temporarily, as guest workers. Another 32 percent say let them stay and have a chance to become citizens.

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Soma said...

The America itself is found few centuries ago, there is no wonder many of them supporting it. Actually the beauty of America lies there. They accept the best in others and take best out of others though being the "No 1" in the world. Long live Immigration, Long Live America. :)