Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Will they be able to create a real YUVA ?

The political party Lok Paritran (changed from Paritrana due to certain policies of the Election Commission) was founded on 18 th November, 2005.
Two and a half years ago, an informal group of youngsters was formed with the intention of actually taking action against the degeneration of society and the increase in suffering at the collective level which are the order of the day in spite of the immense potential of the country. Intensive efforts in trying to implement changes in key areas like public health and education brought home two irrefutable facts – the intellectual bankruptcy and corruption that have seeped into every layer of the current system, and the inherent interconnectedness of all issues facing society and the impossibility of a partial solution. The group was faced with two choices – to abandon their goals, or go all the way.
Lok Paritran is the result of the group that remained after all the trials and tribulations to go all the way.
Most of the Party leadership holds degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology, and all of them have sacrificed lucrative opportunities both in India and abroad in order to participate in the Party. The President Tanmay Rajpurohit has returned to India leaving his PhD in Economics in the US in order to head this group.
Elaborating upon the reason which prompted these individuals to launch a political party of their own, the party President Tanmay Rajpurohit, who holds a B.Tech degree from IIT Mumbai and double masters degrees from the US, said, “This party has been founded for the purpose of bringing about a fundamental change in the system, which, riddled with corruption and inefficiencies, has become the sole reason of distress to the people”. Soliciting support for this novel initiative he further added, “Any help of any kind would go a long way to help us get a foothold in the Indian political arena, which is so slippery because of the accumulated filth that we intend to clean.”
Chief advisor, Santhanagopalan Vasudev, who is postgraduate in Economics from the US called upon the youth to rise and join the movement. “The stagnated political system is in dire need of fresh blood and dynamism”, he said. Speaking about economic and social policy, he said “Plenty of good ideas have come and gone, for lack of proper implementation. The call of the hour is for broad structural changes that will permit the benefits of policy changes to reach the intended beneficiaries with minimal leakage of resources.” On the decision to contest in the upcoming elections, he said, “Our first goal is to increase awareness in the people, and arouse them from their state of inaction by bringing to them the definite possibility of actual change. And what better way than taking a stand in the elections to let them know that we are determined to change the existing system?”
Lok Paritran will contest in the upcoming elections in Tamilnadu, Kerala and Pondicherry .
The Party's long term and short term action plans are :
Short Term Plans
To expand the membership base of “ Lok Paritran ” as a political party
To take people out of inaction due to complete loss of hope
Outline a concrete, detailed and pragmatic plan to make India a developed nation.
Making region specific plans depending on the local parameters.
Spreading the message of “ Lok Paritran ” at every level of society.
Preparing strategies for the elections.
Exploring the possibilities of establishing institutions for health, cultural, legal and social awareness as well as action.
To conduct “camps” and seminars for building a better understanding and cohesion in the people with the same goal.
Long Term Plans
To achieve the full potential of the country both at the individual and the collective level.
To exterminate corruption by whatever means necessary.
To overhaul the current education system that has lost its relevance in the changed social and economic conditions.
To reorient political organization making it more structured and dynamic.
To integrate technology in industry at both urban and rural levels.
To modernize India 's force structure and defense doctrine.
To adopt a practical foreign policy for India .
To establish India as a formidable economic and intellectual power in the world.

If you are interested in joining this party or any more news, visit :

And it seems in chennai they are contesting this elections from
1. T Nagar2. Mylapore3. Park Town4. Thousand Lights5. Saidapet 6. Anna Nagar

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Soma said...

It's very much heartening to see the intellectuals of India getting together to do something in politics and to the nation. Though it's just a beginning, they seems to be very clear about what they want to change in India. All of us should give support in whatever way possible and see how it's shaping up for next few years and then we can decide on increasing our contributions accordingly.