Monday, September 18, 2006

Cinema, Fries, Latte ---- Vetaiyadu Vilayadu

Neither a Kamal movie nor a Goutham movie...and called a thriller

Kamal : please stop acting and concentrate on directing movies. Your last best performance was in vasool raja mbbs. now you look old and heroing doesn't look good.
Back home it is called ragavan instinct aamam.

US cop undermine panrathu nalla illai. iritating. Over scene.
Jo : Looks like cancer patient...Unnecessary character just for a second romance.
Kamalini : I dont know when she came in the movie...vaama minnal....go to to see her best the movie she looks like next house aunty (who watches tearsome Tv serials).
Goutham : You could have made this movie with someone else than spoiling kamal and his skill. watch some more english movies to find a perfect thriller.
Camera : Tied in a sanal kayiru and was rotated. New york kaamikarangalama.
Prakash Raj : Tries to cry like "Nayagan kamal" seeing his dead daughter but kamal stops him doing so.
Message : All women in the movie will be killed and you dont have anything to guess.

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