Monday, October 09, 2006

Cinema, Fries, Latte -- Manathodu Mazhaikalam

Shyam : Takes different story lines in his movies, different characters, Handsome guy but couldn't find a good break. Yevalavu makeup potalum, He couldn't be shown older Or the makeup man slept in the studio? ABCD la pesina style a innum vidala pola.
Nithyadas : Looks like navya nair, a typical mallu kuty...short and bubbly with long hair like my dream mallu girl.
Samiksha : Did her role to the need.
Direction : Though the movie had a good intention / story , It wasn't shown the way it was thought. Screenplay and Direction lacks lustre. It would have been a hit if it is from Balu Mahendra / Mani Ratnam.

Message : Though the movie couldn't makeup the way it was thought , It shows the distinct relationship of a Guy and Gal having friendship throughout Life. Yevalavu thaan pasanga friends a irunthalum, Oru thozhi life la kandippa venum. she gives a warmth and comfort next to what you get from your mother. The only tender hand to hold and the only shoulder to rest on without any kind of lust is from this thozhi. One whom you share the feelings which guys make fun or won't take serious when discussed. I always thank god who had given this unique relationship to exist and carries the life of guys all through their life. Even friendship between girls themselves doesn't exist this longer at all times. As like the movie name, this relationship gives a feeling like how you feel when you smell the manvasanai on the first rain of the season. i started dreaming of Autograph Divya :)

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