Sunday, April 15, 2007

Books Not to Read

The Great Indian Dream : If you had read his earlier book , Count your chickens before they hatch, You would know Arindham is not a better writer than the best among us. If you read his books , you would get a guts to write your own book. Both his books doesn't expose his ideas better and anyway his ideas are not that great to be expressed. Just a 5% ROI(return of investment) is guaranteed.

Parthiban Kanavu : Not the best of Kalki's creations, You will get reminded of reading konar books of your school days disregarding Vetri guide and and trying to answer the next day Tamil exam. You can learn a little bit of chola and pallava history. Read Tamil books have become lil bit difficult for me compared to English :). I already lost the Tamil writing skill , my last attempts were the letters to my mother during my college hostel days.

Five Point Someone : If you want to learn the art of reading English books faster, you can use this book to practice. A small novel which is a one shot reader but doesn't carry much of wisdom to be passed on from an IIT ian to you. I was just surprised how it became part of best seller list in India.

Books/ Movies have to be selective and I felt these books are not worth your time.

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Anonymous said...

Well , I do agree with little of your points though, not completely - on Five Point Some One. Guess you didn't read the book fully or missed the quote under the title , which goes like this - What not to do at IIT . . And i believe its nothing more than a piece of fiction .