Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cinema, Fries, Latte ---- Mozhi--Pesavaikum padam

Mozhi, The Language of Silence ---Nammala pesa vekuthu.
Makes me proud to say we have good tamil movies at times. Started off with a cartoon, i wondered whether I have downloaded a King Kong Movie, But it was something to do with the production company "Duet Movies" which prakashraj floats. This movie transports you into a world where words lose all meaning.
Jo : Really feeling why she is leaving the industry when she started learning to act perfect. Definitely showing her best in her every movie released post-marriage. Definitely as a character Archana , has lived the entire movie and others acting around her. Makes us feel happy that we are privileged people in this world except less the determination she has. Mounam pesiyathey--Hats off to Jo.
Prithvi Raj : Another non-heroic character, The director's actor making much of love, emotions, comedy easily perfect without any big effort. Has done his job to his best and hope he is much appreciated in future projects.
Prakash Raj : He is one of the best gift to the film industry who can make any role to his best and make sure he is the indirect hero of the film no matter whatever role he plays. Definitely I appreciate him for producing this movie as well.
Baskar : Googled to find his name(i forgot) who plays the character of a 23 Yr memory loss Gajini, who made a good comedy but actually it touches your heart heavy in the end.

The film is made in an apartment which is furnished that great with a black n white combination you 'll love to live rather than buying a plot in the outskirts of tambaram (tambaram is no more an outskirt now) and live in a house with rooms , the doors of which hit your legs when you lie Or rolling inside a comforter inside an apartment with furnitures of inheritance.

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