Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Good Bye Mr.President

Enough of politics in this presidential elections, Kalam relieved himself from all these and I hope he 'll carry his work without a title which is not needed anymore for him after this month. He has done a great job as a president and had been the People's president for the past five years. He has got acquainted and appraised by all citizens of India (minus the members of the parliament) and have found a place in the people's heart.

Left : He is a president of netizens, not citizens .
Kalam have visited all over india, met people of all classes, religion, races, youth and the elderly, NGOs, Siachen (the highest battle ground ever visited by a president)
What is this left (communist ) doing in this democratic country for the past 60 years except pulling down the ruling elected government by withdrawing support and making the economy tumble every time.

Congress: Still they haven't give a clear cut explanation of their choice of president. they clearly wanna rubber stamp. They have to pay for this in the next elections.

BJP : They are opposition party and hence have to oppose anything the ruling government says.

Shiv sena : They want marathis. Are they going to fight a war using the president?

Others : chameleons who count votes for every move they make.

I used to visit this
website during the presidency of Kalam. I don't know it ever existed before.I read an article in Time about the most influential persons of the world. Sonia Gandhi was in the list of 100 for two reasons, one i believe she gave up prime minister ship but still hold the power in India. Now again she has proved that she has the power to make a president. Time doesn't count on the influence a person has on the lives of the whole population and It is only APJ who has it.

We are gonna miss you Mr. President and we always want you to inspire us.

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