Friday, March 24, 2006

Cinema, Fries, Latte ---- Instant Reviews

Mercury Pookal : Adviced for Aspiring Bachelors. Good One.

Jasmine another beautiful flower.

My school buddy kurinjinathan plays a role in the movie as a friend to srikanth and makes some mimicry-comedy in the movie.

Chithiram Pesuthadi : Charithiram Pesuthadi. Good one.

Pattiyal : Pithamagan part 2. But vikram and surya were way ahead.

Thambi : Maddy wears a rahman hair style. Good action movie.

Maddy acting not that good.

One Dialogue --> Maanai sutta jail la poduranga , Manusanai sutta bail la viduranga .

Kalaba Kathalan : First half not adviced for bachelors. Second half---A bad message.

Kalvanin Kathali : Another crap movie from SJ Surya.
Who told him that he is acting good. Nayan Tara , A dream wife

Kovai Brothers : Thanks to my american life.Ithellam parka vendiyiruku.

Madarasi : Another action movie

Kodambakkam : A senti movie. but ok to watch once.

Idhaya Thirudan : Time waste

Saravana : Mokkai poduran simbu

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