Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My German Experiences

About the Nation:
The Country is rich because they invaded other nations and war was their only business.
Only after World War II, they started developing in all technologies and they way they built their nation is well planned. This country cannot be compared with Japan, as they are rich enough through invasion when they started building their nation while Japan rose from ashes.

About Racism and Nazism:
Its not here anymore and people are very friendly and helpful and they never discriminate people from their skin color. May be previous generations would have been as I thought. I heard that it is still there in some eastern parts of Germany. Nazism and Hitler’s thoughts are no more here and people here hate talking about that.

About the Climate:
The climate is very cool here when I landed there, was about –7 C and luckily I escaped from the winter when it went to the extreme about –18 C. Mostly north east and south west German cities experience heavy cold and snow and Frankfurt is in the central Germany which is a bit moderate. I was staying in Bad Homburg, some half n hr from Frankfurt and was a good place.

About the Population:
The population is very less and it is in the decreasing curve. People here don’t want any commitment in their life; hence no concept of marriage and everyone live with their friend. In all the public transport vehicles, the group ticket for 5 is cheaper that buying tickets for 2 individuals. The govt. is happy to see groups of people in trains and buses than individuals, giving good tax concessions for people who have 2 or more children.

About the People:
Old Aryans came from Germany, this is mythology. These people are really western and they look completely different. I can accept people from Spain, Hungary and Netherlands to look like Aryans i.e. our typical north Indians. Here female ratio is more than male and Indian girls who have settled here look pretty. People very rarely use two wheelers and mostly you can find some modified version of Scooty. All others use only cars here and they religiously follow the traffic rules. Pedestrians have more respect than car drivers in the road and the cars will stop till you cross the road. -Now only I started feeling the advantage of less population and cool weather to make you wait in traffic signals and people here never use horns and will scold you if you use. Most of the Taxi drivers here are from other nations esp. Pakistan, turkey and Afghanistan .All of them drive very decently and we get the Quittung (receipt) for claiming after paying them. Typical Germans really look like steffi graf and Boris Becker as I have heard. People here are very much frugal spending money. They spend money only for food, car, petrol (called a benzin here) and wine. Cost of petrol is 1 Euro per litre and the bus ticket is 1.25 Euro, hence car is affordable and cost only 1000 Euro when you go for second hand. People here are very sturdy and walk very fast as if they are going to catch the next bus. But even though sometimes it’s true, people walk to home very swiftly. It was impossible for me to walk in the pace of an old man in the Frankfurt station. They keep up the time like anything. Even the professors are punctual and will start classes as perfect like trains. People here are very helpful and even the old aged try to understand English and help me. But one day I put my tongue out like a dog to ask for a tongue cleaner in a shopping plaza. People here will become very happy once they see the sun. Everyone come out of the houses during the weekends, go for walking with their pets.

About the Language:
Language is a great barrier here and people become very happy when you speak their language instead of English. If you really want to get along with people, you have to know the deutsche language.

About the food:
People here either eat cow or what the cow eats (I mean raw vegetables in the name of salads). Beef and Pork are their favorites and Pizza, burger of course. I ate beef once and most of the times took chicken and fish. Here no Indian restaurants and survival is a bit tough if you are a pure vegetarian and don’t know cooking. Only one jaipur restaurant was there nearby but not so good it seems. People here take spiceless food. When I tried some vegetarisch (vegetarian) dishes, all of them were some modified versions of Pastas and Pizzas. Some sandwiches had raw sliced meat inside.
The fruits and vegetables come from Turkey, as Germany is a cold country and not a good place for vegetation.

About Education and Industries:
Here education is excellent and free. But immigration and Job opportunities are closed for overseas students. Automobile and Electronics engineering are worthwhile studies and world best manufacturers are here. BMW, Mercedes Benz, Siemens and Opel speak proud of Germany.
Siemens employers in Germany are treated with high respect. Some twenty years back, people after finishing their schooling have to go either to social service or Army and have to serve the nation at least for 2 years. Only then they can for any other job. Almost all the professions are treated equally and almost all of them get the same salary on average. Hence even a garbage collector owns a car.

About the Public Transport:
Here trains and buses are timed as 9.09 or 10.37, which they maintain very perfectly. I was really wondering only about the bus timings if it has to wait in traffic signals and bus stops. If you didn’t see a 10.37 bus not coming at the same time, you can simply look for the next bus time as it could’ve been cancelled for the entire day. A single firm operates all the public transport vehicles and the tickets issue is automated hence no separate ticket for train/bus, you can use it for anything. Only few take tickets from the driver of the bus. Unlike americans , these people are real stylish. You can see a typical FTV costume modeling when any train comes to the station and people will be walking like that. Buses, Trams and trains can be distinguished by their lengths only. Here ICE trains are the ones, which look different and will travel across around Europe.

Christmas is the foremost festival for Germany. Then when we were there, 27th of Feb was celebrated as Carnival day where women have all the rights to do anything on guys. Here we used to harass girls during holi, the opposite way it happens there.

Hauptwache pronounced, as “hauptwaha” is the shopping area near Frankfurt. Then there’s a place where a shop called media mart, an electronic goods shopping plaza.

Sight Seeing:
Here you can find only museums and Castles. The Romans build most of them when they captured Europe at one point of time. Hiedelberg is a place one and half-hours from which has an old castle and which is not destroyed by the world war. Then there a hill over there, on top we went by a winch, on the top of which was like Swiss. Snow covered roads and they were very slippery. Rudesheim is another place for Vineyards. Bonn is the city built in the style of Russian architecture and looks a bit different.

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