Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yen Ayal Desa Vazhkai-----Chennai To Newark

Started from India in the midnight through Lufthansa aircraft, soma, bai, kk, hari, kosu, subbu, yoge, dinesh, anni‘s amma appa came to the airport. Went in early as kk was pinging me that I’ll be catching the flight in the runway. Checked in the baggage and it was 6kgs less than permissible limit. Waited in the lounge before boarding and hence called up home and kk and spoke with them for sometime. Then took a costly coffee in Chennai airport, the last essence of the drink from my Thai mannu.

Boarded the flight and sat in a place where the next seat was free. There was a partial I would say a racial treatment in the Lufthansa flight because they didn’t ask me whether I’ll drink any liquor. I was taking orange juice and apple juice with the cuisines the classic way as the hostess was calling it. Then went to the rest room and found it difficult the madhaavan way , used the tissue papers. There was a painful 5 hrs transit in the Frankfurt airport. Was scolding kk since he didn’t give me the contact list printed which I sent him thru email. Hence I couldn’t call bala, my school friend who is in Germany during the transit time. Was roaming around the airport lounge and shopping malls, Had coffee in the lounge coffee bar with whoever Indians I met there. I disturbed a couple who are about to get married in India on their way from Ger. They were talking in Tamil and took the rights to disturb them, the guy is a scientist in a German university and the girl is pursuing studies there. He should be proud to introduce himself as a scientist. I would have. Then had a coffee latte which is like the Indian coffee with another Indian who is on his way towards India and he was in US for 8 yrs. Was telling me that the pay packs in India have raised and nowadays he cud see only less no of Indians coming on H1. Then was talking with another Indian who is on his way to Texas Austin and hence we had another coffee latte. All these coffees are in a span of 5 hrs. But the real wonder is, I didn’t pay for any of these coffees. I don’t know how to pay even if they ask me to pay. I had $200 as two $100 dollar bills. Then i became tired and hence sat on the floor like our central railway station and was reading a sujatha’s book for sometime.

Then boarded the connecting flight to Newark, some call it nay wark or some as new wark, some how landed in the privileged country. My taxi guy made me wait in the airport for 30 mins. I was looking for name boards carrying my name as in movies…but I was made to call him to the airport, hence bought a coffee in the Newark airport to get some change. For making a call it is 1 dollar as four quarters, but I had only 2. Hence seeing my situation, another taxi driver gave me another 2 quarters to complete the call. Before I started from Chennai that evening it was raining and after I reached Newark, it was raining again. At last started from the airport and cab driver whose name is Joe (he‘s an Egyptian) stopped in a house (oru kaatu bangala), I thought he is going to check for the directions. But he said this is your guest house and asked me to take my baggage in. one guy was there in the guest house and he introduced himself as Mahesh(manavadu). I kept the baggage inside and got introduced to him. Will continue....

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